Moulinex FP345A11 Soleil robot multifonction

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Moulinex Foodprocessor Soleil FP345A11

Be stylish in your kitchen too
Welcome your sense of style into your kitchen, with the Moulinex Soleil kitchen range. Offering simple lines and a fresh, friendly aesthetic, it brings a ray of sunshine to your kitchen and a total look to your countertop. The food processor's range of dedicated, convenient features delivers perfect results with total ease.

A ray of sunshine in your kitchen
Simplicity meets style for a fresh kitchen aesthetic and a total look on your countertop!

Multifunction all-in-one
4 must-have attachments help you master over 15 different functions with total ease, for a multifunction all-in-one food processor package that's ideal for beginners.

Easy to use
Designed to make mastering your first food processor easy, speed settings are listed on each attachment, assuring perfect results from the first try.

Easy storage
The smart storage design lets you store all accessories and parts within the bowl of the food processor itself, for ultimate convenience.

Easy cleaning
The large-capacity bowl and the attachments are dishwasher safe, just one more way using a food processor can be easy and enjoyable, ideal for everyday use and for special occasions.

High-performance accessories
Master all functions with total ease, with high-quality accessories putting flawless results within reach for slicing, mixing, kneading, chopping, emulsifying, grating, and more

Perfect for daily recipes
A large 2.4L capacity provides the perfect quantity for single-batch success on all your daily family recipes

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